Who Are Press Photographers and What is the Kind of Work They Deal In?

It is tough to give an exact definition of what press photographers do as the exact responsibilities vary from one job to another. Overall, they record lifestyle stories, interesting current events, and anything that makes news. They also deal with sports event photography. Just like other photographers working in different fields, their main goal is to capture an event in the best possible way so that the photograph can convey a message to the audience.


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Hiring Professionals: What to Expect from Your Expert Event Photographer?

If you have a presence on social media or have a business website, you would want the various events related to your organization to be documented and shared. Broadcast photography generates publicity and works great for public relations.

You might have heard of the saying “out of sight, out of mind”. If your online audience doesn’t get to see enough of what you are up to, this might lead to reduction in your popularity and subsequently, your audience will forget about you. Pictures of the events and activities in which your organization indulges in are a great way to get more publicity. To make sure that the event in question is documented well, you must hire a professional photographer.

What to Expect from Professionals?

Although different photographers have different ways of approaching a project, here are some things that you can expect from a professional:

  • A Good Sense of Timing: Professionals are used to working in various situations and make sure that the timing of the click is right. A good photographer doesn’t only know how and what to click but also when.
  • They Charge Fair Rates: When you hire a professional photography service, you can rest assured that they charge a fair fee. Due to market competition, professionals strive to make their services economical and offer attractive prices.
  • They Will Come Prepared: A professional has a TV photography kit that contains every piece of equipment that will be required.
  • They Make People Comfortable: One of the major advantages of hiring a professional is that their presence is not intrusive. They work on the sidelines to get great pictures and will make sure that the people are comfortable around them.

If you want to make sure that the pictures look great, there are a few steps that you can take before the event starts. You can prevent looking at the pictures later and complaining about oversights if the necessary steps are taken beforehand.

For instance, make sure that the photographer knows who is who. They must be familiar with the important faces and names among the attendees. Also, if there are some specific shots that you are looking for, communicate the requirements to the photographer beforehand. Make sure that the professional understands your needs, in order to get amazing results.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Photographer to Advertise Your Brand

For many people, an advertisement of your product or service is the first interaction they have with your brand. Now, you may have an excellent product but if it is not portrayed in the right manner, your advertisement may not have the impact you intended. Thus, it is important to work with a professional advertising photographer who is aligned with your vision. Hiring a good photographer is not easy and there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration such as your budget, the availability of the photographer etc. Here are three questions that can help simplify your dilemma.


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Pictures That Tell a Story: PR Photography and Its Quirks

Photography is an art and every PR photographer who’s worth her or his salt knows what goes behind getting that perfect image. It takes an experienced set of hands to develop striking images that make a difference to your business or brand. Although it is a cliché that a single picture tells a thousand words, it couldn’t be any truer in the case of PR photography. Outstanding PR photography has a huge influence on the way your existing and prospective customers and everyone else in the world perceives your business, products or brand.

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Five Reasons Corporate Videos Fail To Make an Impact

Corporate videos are a great way to connect with a large audience, they allow you to explain your core strengths, the foundation of your corporation or even a new development. Besides helping you stand out from the crowd, a corporate video is also great for SEO benefits. However, any old video just won’t do, and there are several reasons why a video can miss the mark

  1. A Poor Concept

The concept is a large part of why a video would stand out and it could be the reason for failure as well. Not only should your concept be fresh and innovative but also realistically executable. If you cannot conceive a way of showcasing the concept well, you should probably brainstorm some more. If the concept of your video is too similar to that of another company’s, it could lead to comparisons that end badly. While other campaigns can serve as inspiration, focus on how to make it different.

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Four Reasons to Invest in Corporate Headshots

While a photograph of you relaxing by the beach is great for your social media profile, it probably will not have the same impact in a professional scenario. It might even do the opposite and be detrimental to your professional reputation. While business headshots may seem like an unnecessary expense, this investment could lead to plenty of returns.

First Impressions Count: A photograph puts a face to a name or to a company. It is the first contact that a customer has with you and your company. This is why a cropped photograph of you from a wedding or a day out will not cut it. To put forward the idea that you take your work seriously, professional corporate portraits make an impact.

Photograph your Best Side: When you invest in a professional photographer, you are not just paying them for being able to use a fancy camera. These photographers employ a dozen tricks to ensure that, subtly, you are sending out all the right signals to potential customers.  By using the right lighting, colours and angles, they are able to present you as being approachable without compromising on the professionalism in the photograph.

A Contemporary Take on Professional Head Shots: While classic photographs are still in use, your photographer will also be aware on how to tweak your photographs to suit your profile. For instance, while a classic photograph would work fine for an accounting job, something in wedding planning or pet care allows for a different approach. A setting that you are friendly, easy to get along with and yet, professional will go a long way in making a good first impression in these fields.

The Face of your Company: Increasingly, companies have been putting up photographs of their team. This is because people connect better with people than they do with companies. Now, these photographs become the first impression your company makes on a potential customer. In order to make this a good one, it is better to err on the side of professionalism.

Choosing a professionally taken photograph could be that small factor that tips the scales in your favour. They propagate seriousness toward work and suggest efficiency. These are similar to the practice of choosing professional email addresses – no one takes those you created in high-school seriously. Professionals quickly identify your strengths and depict them in your business portraits.

Corporate videos: for your company’s brand image and success

Why? You may think! Videos have high recall value because it conveys a message through a storyline or a narrative. Companies usually take the help of corporate video production companies to create high-quality videos, impactful videos that achieve client objectives.

There are various kinds of corporate videos a company can choose to communicate its message:

• Business Profile: It is the summary of a company, its vision, values, products and brand image. Companies use this medium to tell their audience their products/benefits, explain work culture, and talk about their future innovation. Usually around two to three minutes, the video needs to catch the attention of the audience and bring-out the best the company has to offer.

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