4 Tips to Get the Best PR Photographer for Your Business

Are you looking to get the best out of your company’s public relations endeavours? Well then, one of the most critical decisions you’ll have to take is of hiring the right PR photographer.

So, how do you make sure the professional you hire is the perfect candidate for the job? Read on to know 4 tips of choosing the best photographer for your company’s PR.

1. Consider the level of expertise

While your uncle George, for example, with a digital camera might just about get the job done, an experienced professional will ace it. Enquire how long the individual has been in this field.

Also, don’t just look for general experience in photography. Instead, look to hire a photographer who has worked in the specific domain that your company’s services fall under.

PR photography

2. Ask for a portfolio

PR photography entails the requirement of a wide variety of skill sets.

A portfolio is a great way to get an idea of the photographer’s quality and understand his/her strengths. Do you have a specific requirement for your company’s PR event? Go through their portfolio and analyse if they can fulfil your needs.

3. Take note of creativity & problem solving skills

Quick thinking and creativity are must-have traits for event photography.

During the face-to-face interview, you could throw at them some challenging situations and use their answers to gauge their creativity. For instance, ask them how they would deal with an outdoor shoot in the event of bad weather without necessarily postponing it. Ask for new and creative ways to highlight the strength of your services.

4. Conduct a mock shoot

If you have the time and resources for it, there is nothing quite like conducting a mock shoot to determine the perfect photographer for your company. This will give you a holistic picture of how efficient the professional is.

An exercise like this will also illustrate if the applicant is good with people – an often overlooked quality in photographers. It is vitally important for an event photographer to be comfortable interacting with people to get the best out of them.

So, be it an important event of your company or just a series of top shots to go on the website, having the ideal photographer for the job is very important.

Creating and maintaining a positive image of your company is going to be pivotal to its success. The shaping of a good impression requires a good story and a good story requires great pictures!



Why shall a professional event photographer be your choice for musical concerts?

You have made all the arrangements for the musical event, promotions done, everything is ready; but who’s going to capture the moments? Well, you need an event photographer who will document the episode in the best possible manner for creating everlasting memories.

But, anyone with a good camera cannot shoot a musical programme. For that, you need a professional who is specialised and has experience in shooting an event. Moreover, knowing that an expert is there to manage all your photography needs will help you concentrate on other requirements of the event.

Yet not convinced? Some more reasons here!

If you need more reasons to hire a reputed photography company, here are some major points.

1. Images, beyond performer and audience:

To uphold the thrill of a music concert, standard pictures of the performer and the audience is not enough. A skilled photographer can break the standards and go beyond to capture the vibrancy through his images.

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Pictures That Tell a Story: PR Photography and Its Quirks

Photography is an art and every PR photographer who’s worth her or his salt knows what goes behind getting that perfect image. It takes an experienced set of hands to develop striking images that make a difference to your business or brand. Although it is a cliché that a single picture tells a thousand words, it couldn’t be any truer in the case of PR photography. Outstanding PR photography has a huge influence on the way your existing and prospective customers and everyone else in the world perceives your business, products or brand.

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Importance of Using Professional Photographer vs DIY in a Professional Environment

cropped-logo21.pngPhotography is not only a hobby but a smarter way to market your business online. When there is a need to hire a professional photographer or DIY event photography both of them needs proper measures to be taken care of. Let us look at the points that should be kept in mind when choosing between professional photographers and doing it yourself.

• Cost – Budget is one of the most important aspects to be decided prior to hiring a professional photographer. It is true that hiring a PR photographer is expensive compared to DIY but one must also realize that will the novice photography be able to bear the load of whole marketing of the product. The cost involves initial development of the project idea, the scheduling of the shoot, post production and delivery of print. The post production includes Photoshop, color correction, basic adjustments, editing, cropping, archiving, compressing, and uploading to servers and delivery.

• Availability – Most people who are into pr photography have full schedules on other hand DIY has enough flexibility in terms working hours and creating a plot for perfect pictures. For professionals, there is a need to schedule meetings and other things professionally but DIY is pretty flexible.

• Experience – It is true that PR photography is work of experienced person who understands the angles and measure to create a perfect shot whereas the newbie is not experienced and will try his level best to ensure picture quality. While hiring a professional photographer one must check his experience, ask for reference and check his portfolio to ensure the quality of work he/she will be giving. One should also check for online reviews available.

• Professionalism – The most prominent thing with a professional photographer is that they are pro at their work compared to amateur event photographer. The professional attitude is another important aspect of a person that makes him/her respectable in society. A professional is never late for his work, follows discipline, never forgets deadlines and cannot afford to take bad pictures. A professional is responsible enough that if any emergency occurs he/she will be always prepared for it.